The Hospice Care Center

Volunteer Services

Hospice of Hope volunteers come from all walks of life - they are homemakers, business professionals, retirees, employees full-time, part or even self employed. They make time to give of themselves to the help others. Providing caring support to ease the loneliness, fear and grief of patients suffering from a terminal illness; helping families cope is what drives their volunteer work.

But what can you do? You may ask - Make phone calls, pick up groceries, plant flowers, say a prayer, walk the dog, offer moral support, hold a hand, read a book, write a letter, feed the cat, share memories, give a smile, deliver medicine, sing a song, cook a meal, take patients to the doctor - whatever you can to help.

Working with dying patients may be too uncomfortable, what else can I do? Make photocopies, help with filing, stuff envelopes for bulk mailings, distribute brochure/flyers, help at fundraising events, put material together for educational workshops, work in our cutting garden - and the list goes on.

Where do I start? Volunteer training and orientation is required by each candidate. This one day session includes a short lecture, discussion about services offered, guest speakers and videos. There is no fee for this training.

If interested contact our Volunteer Coordinator, by calling 800-928-4848 or emailing

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