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The Hope Transitional Program

The Hope Transitional Program is a free community program that is offered through Hospice of Hope.  This program is designed to help you understand your current health conditions and to assist you in taking an active role in managing your or your loved one's health. 

Services include:

• Medication/Disease education provided to you and your family
• Coordinated care with your Primary Care Physician, Specialists, and Pharmacy
• Connecting you to available community resources or services

A clinical staff member will visit you to discuss the following: 

• Medications
• Health Care Follow-Up Appointments
• Warning Signs and Symptoms of Disease
• Personal Health
• Record (Medical History)
• Goals of Care (Medical Wishes)

Any medical service, patient, or family member can make a referral to the Hope Transitional Program.  To see if the Hope Transitional Program is right for you, please call 800-928-4848 and ask to speak with one of our Hope Transitional Program nurses. 

The Hope Transitional Program helps patients and their families by:

•  Helping you know and understand your medications.
•  Providing education about your disease, warning signs, and symptoms to watch for.
•  Assisting you in completing your Personal Health and Medication Records.
•  Discussing the Goals of Care and assisting with Advance Directives.
•  Addressing barriers to your care (e.g. environment, caregiver support, health insurance, transportation, food, drug cost/access).
•  Involving you in your own health care by helping you identify questions to ask your medical team.
•  Linking you with available community services that can be provided in the home setting.
•  Aiding you in keeping follow-up medical appointments.

At no cost to you or your physician!