National Nursing Home and Nurse Appreciation Weeks

May 1, 2020 | by Cbuchanan

May 10th–16th is National Nursing Home Week. This is an opportunity to show your appreciation to your local nursing home facilities and their staff who are hard at work every day. It is especially important to show your support as the nursing home staff are on the front line of this worldwide pandemic who have not ceased to provide exceptional care to their residents.

“Sharing Our Wisdom” is the 2020 theme for this year’s National Nursing Home Week. It wishes to celebrate local nursing home facilities, and their residents and staff, by “sharing the wisdom” that is learned from seniors, dementia patients, and people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. Nursing home residents offer a unique and individual perspective based on their life experiences, reminding us to be present and intentional, to celebrate the little moments, and to treasure personal connections.

Additionally, May 6th–12th is National Nurse Appreciation Week. Nurses also deserve local community support during this time, as they too are on the front line daily. They are a vital part of keeping our communities safe and healthy and are constantly sacrificing their time and effort. We at Hospice of Hope have the privilege of working hand-in-hand with multiple nursing homes, hospitals, and health care providers. We are very thankful for their hospitality and quality care they provide. Hospice of Hope is very proud to have many nurses on our staff who work tirelessly to give 110% for our patients and their families.

A very practical way to show your appreciation for nurses and nursing home staff is writing thank you cards to brighten their day. Nursing home residents also appreciate receiving handwritten letters and care packages in the mail. Please make sure to check with your local nursing home to learn about their regulations on sending care packages and other gifts to their facilities!