Pottery Workshop This February

February 8, 2019 | by admin


The 2019 annual Art of Hope Workshops have been announced with the Pottery Workshop slated to start first. The Pottery Workshop is part of the award winning Art of Hope program from the Bereavement Department of Hosspice of Hope.

Express your grief through the creative process of making meaningful and healing artwork. No art experience necessary! It’s not about the product, but the creative process of expressing your grief. Enjoy the process, the company of others, and tuning in creatively.

Pottery provides a non-threatening environment to relax, and also encourages creative energy. The molding of clay and creating of pottery can provide a distraction from the overwhelming feelings we have while grieving. Your pottery piece can become a connection to your loved one by incorporating symbols and images that remind you of your loved one.

The Pottery Workshop is scheduled for February 23rd from 11-1 at the ORVAG Washington Guild Hall in Washington Ky. If you have questions or would like to register contact Peg Lynch at 800-928-4243 or plynch@hohope.org. You may also mail in the registrtaiton form listed below.


At the conclusion of our 2019 Art of Hope Workshops, Hospice of Hope will conduct and 'Art Showing' on June 7th from 5:00-7:00 at the Cox Building in downtown Maysville. Any individual or group may submit healing creative artwork for the art show, regardless of whether or not you attended any of the Art of Hope workshop series. Other forms may include quilting, knitting, wood carving, jewelry making, etc.

Hospice of Hope bereavement programs and support groups are free and open to the community. Individual support is also available upon request.