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What Services Do We Provide?

  • Medications used to relieve symptoms, medical supplies and equipment all delivered to where the patient lives.
  • Comprehensive comfort care, including palliative radiation and chemotherapy.
  • Hospice Team support available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.
  • Highly skilled nursing care with an emphasis on symptom management and end-of-life care.
  • Personal care such as bathing, dressing, feeding or light household duties by Hospice Aides.
  • Licensed Social Workers offer emotional support and assistance with financial and legal concerns to both the patient and family.
  • Spiritual support by non-denominational Chaplains.
  • Bereavement and follow-up support for 15 months after the death, and longer if needed.
  • Companionship, transportation, taking care of small errands, or more importantly "just being there" are just a few of the services provided by our caring Volunteers.
  • Respite care when the caregiver needs relief.
  • Care is provided in a variety of locations, including patient's residence, area hospitals, long-term long-term care facilities, or our Inpatient Center.
  • Short-term inpatient care for more severe symptoms.
  • Admissions Team for prompt response to referrals.
  • Specialized Nursing Home Team.
  • Community Grief Services open and free of charge to anyone in the community who has suffered a loss, not just those served by Hospice of Hope.
  • In-house Pharmacy / Pharmacist adding experience and expertise in pain and symptom management.


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