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Grief Support

ospice of Hope understands that grief is a universal human process that one experiences when losing a loved one. Grieving takes time and each of us grieves in our own unique way. It is important that while grieving you find positive human connection to help support you through this difficult and emotionally charged time. Bereavement Care staff at Hospice of Hope are available to extend that hand of support. Services that we provide include:

  • Individual support
  • Support group/workshop
  • Memorial Services
  • Mountain Pathway (a Family support program)
  • Hope for the Holidays
  • Bereavement Lending Library
  • Art of Hope, Expressions of Grief

    Hospice of Hope is committed to providing these services to our Hospice families as well as to anyone in our community who is experiencing grief. These services are free of charge. We are thankful to our many community partners and donors that allow our staff the ability to help others with grief and loss. For additional questions call Peg Lynch at 928-4243

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